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We deliver our customers Co2 neutral products

Only together we will achieve the goal of an economic activity in harmony with nature, people and the environment - we say "THANK YOU".

How does it work?

We work energy efficient with conviction, with responsibility and a lot of heart. In the manufacture of our urban furniture products, in the selection of the raw materials and the transport of our finished products, we try to keep the direct emissions as low as possible.

Example - in 2016 our total Co2 footprint was 189 tons. In comparison, an average German produces 11 tons of Co2 per year, an average Austrians about 9.5 tons and an average Italian 7,7 tons. There is a clear goal to continue to work on reducing Co2 emissions, so as to pollute the environment as little as possible.

Our contribution: since 2007 there have been reforested 28,13 ha of tropical forest. This corresponds to approx. 30.944 trees.

Because we have a clear goal
To provide the maximum benefit for the community, while keeping Co2 emissions as low as possible.

Why Co2 neutral
We achieve our neutrality through the purchase of green certificates, the money will be used for reforestation of tropical forests in Panama. This are mixed forests which corrispond to the Tropical Mix standard.
urban furniture euroform w - CO² neutralisation