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Durability of our products and 1% of complaints per year stays for us!

• for FSC hardwoods such as iroko or similar: 15 years against rotting without any maintenance
• for hardwoods such as ash or similar: 8 years against rotting with appropriate care

• for hot-dip galvanised items (UNI EN ISO1461): 10 year anti-rust guarantee
• for powder coated items: 6 year anti-flake guarantee
Ø thickness of powder coating 80 microns
500 hr salt spray test in accordance  with DIN 50021-SS or ISO 9227
UV stability of the powder as detailed in the Qualicoat guarantee table

Certified quality
euroform w offers guaranteed organization quality thanks to its quality systems:
  • Quality management system in accordance with ISO-9001 since 1997
  • Environment managementsystem in accordance with ISO-14001 since 2003
  • Certification FSC since 2006
  • Neutralisation CO2 since 2008
  • ISO 45001 (ex OHSAS 18001) certification since 2012
urban furniture euroform w - durable products