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Park Orzali, Monsummano Terme


Projects: new park of the town
Location: Monsummano Terme, Pistoia, Italia
Designer: Franchi+Associati - Landscape and Urban Design, www.franchiassociati.it
Customer: Gemeinde Monsummano Terme
Realisation: 2013

Used products:
  The new park for the city of Monsummano Terme, Park Orzali , was created for the needs of the population identified by the local authority to make available for them the internal area ​​between the street "Via del Catano" and "Via del Terzo".
The park is a real "green lung" for the city and the area has become an important meeting point for all citizens. The heart of the city!
The North of the area has been equipped with a large playground area for kids of different age groups and a skate area.
The area of ​​the park fulfills several important functions in addition to the recreational play:
  • the hydraulic function of the area in case of flooding;
  • the realisation of a big area with native vegetation for the improvement of the ecological aspects and the shading of the area;
  • realization of a viewpoint to the river as a place of meditation and rest, creating a renewed relationship between the park and the river;
  • compliance and environmental sustainability in the proposed solutions.

The design was based on the environmental sustainability, in order to make a better use of existing resources and to operate an economy way on the resources required for the management and the maintenance of the park. The park project rappresents an element of heightened environmental sustainability and landscape design. This is particularly important in urban areas where different equipments and functions, residential areas and industrial activities are placed together; with the creation of the park they will regain the landscape and ecological compensation necessary for a proper development.
Zeta Pic-nic euroform w - wooden picnic table in the Parz OrzaliZeta euroform w - wooden park bench in the Park Orzaliurban furniture euroform w - Lappset playground equipment Cloxx OXYGEN in the Park Orzaliurban furniture euroform w - Lappset playground equipment Cloxx SUFY in the Park Orzaliurban furniture euroform w - skate ramps from iou-ramps in the Park Orzaliurban furniture euroform w - skate park wirh iou-ramps in the Park Orzali