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Urban park extension, Savona


Urban Park extension, Savona, Italy (1st step)
City: Savona, Italy
Designer: Gianfranco Franchi (group leader), Roberto Burlando, Andrea Meli, Fabio Palazzo, con Chiara Tesi, Viola Cirigliano - www.franchiassociati.it
Customer: City of Savona
Date: 2014-2015
Material: self-locking, sessions and appeals of stone "Floresta", customized wooden seatings (ripiani in legno euroform w), seatings in wood and corten, strip-led lighting, led lighting.

The project is part of a larger project for urban redevelopment and integration of the public spaces of the water fronts of the City of Savona. In particular, the projects are regarding interventions related to the extension of the urban park and public space at the base of the fortress of Priam. The Urban Park is a place of great importance for the historical identity of the city of Savona and its relationship with the sea and the fortress of Priam. No coincidence that the extension of the Park and the area behind the Priamar are integral and central to a strategic vision of recovery and urban redevelopment and landscape of the City of Savona.
The project enhances the identifying characteristics of the place proposing new uses, enhancing the current, making the park a place of meeting and transition between different parts of the city. Meeting place and exchange space for play, space for the mind. A walk, a run, time to rest, shop around and look over and is overlooking the historic town to the beach, to the sea front of the city.

The new seating, in accordance with the provisions of the general philosophy of the project, assumes the symbolic value of a sign of identity, transforming the waterfront in a highly characterized place, recalling with a continuing broken line of shoreline and fit smoothly in the context through the use of a sandstone finish which reminiscent the texture and color of the sand. On it were placed wooden structures to sit, sunbathe, meet, provided by the company euroform w.
The lighting is designed to enhance the continues seating with the inclusion of a light flush under the seat.
The new vegetation that characterizes the walk consists of species like Ealeagnos x ebbingei, Lectospermum spp., Myrtus "Tarentina" Rosmarinus officinalis "prostratus" Escallonia spp., Cotoneaster salicifolius, roses.

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