Date 19- June 2019
Economic instability and climate change are just 2 of many reasons why bikes are an excellent alternative to driving.

Our BIKE-BOXES, with locking system, are the perfect shelter for your bikes and personal belongings.


  • e-bike charger integrated
  • space for two bikes/bike box
  • for private use in housing areas, for offices, for campings, etc.
  • for bike sharing
  • for rentals in agencies, railway stations etc.

All of our Bike-Boxes are customizable in dimension, shape, colour, closing system etc.

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If you need more reasons why to use your bike instead of your car, here we go:

1. It's easier to finance a new bicycle than a new car.
2. A bicycle has a tiny manufacturing footprint when compared to a car.
3. Bicycles produce no meaningful pollution when in operation.
4. Bikes save taxpayers money by reducing road wear.
5. Using a bike for transportation can help you lose weight and improve your overall health.
6. You can store a dozen bicycles in a single automobile-sized parking place.
7. Bicycles don't burn gasoline.
8. Bicycling may be faster and more efficient than taking a car.
9. Bikes cost much less to maintain and operate than automobiles.
10. Bicycles provide mobility for those who may not qualify or afford to drive.
11. Studies show that bicycle commuters are healthier, more productive, and require less time off at work.