Corporate policy

Our main objective is our customers' complete satisfaction: i. e. to make sure that they remember their contact with our company as a positive experience and do not hesitate to contact us again at any moment. In addition to that, our approach must above all integrate and respect human and environmental aspects.

This implies especially the following:

First-rate assistance
euroform w aims to provide all its customers at any time with the best possible assistance, that is, among others, to make prompt offers, to meet deadlines and to react quickly to any problems that may arise by suggesting possible solutions.

Well-designed quality products
Customers are entitled to quality goods that give them the greatest personal satisfaction. Our raw materials and production processes undergo severe screening procedures. Our products and processes are constantly being improved. This is achieved by giving priority to quality and to good design.

The management (company owners) and the quality approach
The management fully support the quality approach and, in so doing, they set an example not only for the whole company, but also for its milieu and for the environment. Their aim is to achieve good business results that provide the means for constant modernization and that secure the company's existence for generations to come.

Quality-conscious and motivated staff
A modern working environment that complies with safety regulations, performance-related pay, thorough and systematic professional training, a high degree of autonomy and empowerment, the exemplary behaviour of all the executives as well as regular management feedback on the company's achievements must be conducive to inspiring motivation and quality awareness in every single member of staff.

Collaboration with suppliers and dealers
We work in close collaboration with our suppliers and dealers and provide them with guidelines in order to involve them in the drive for quality.

Compliance with any kind of environment-related norm is at the root of our activities. We do our best to exceed minimum standards and we mean to make sure we keep doing so by constantly implementing economically-sound improvement measures. There can namely be no question of real success unless one's approach encompasses and respects the natural environment. Such an attitude has to be adopted right from the planning stage and especially when choosing the raw materials, means of production, auxiliary materials and processing methods.
We are committed to the fundamental principles of the FSC Core Labour Standards and thus do not use child labour, exclude all forms of forced labour, ensure that employment and occupational practices are non-discriminatory and respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Positive results can only be achieved thanks to the daily and unflinching commitment of all participants. That's why everyone is called upon to assume their due share of responsibility and to follow the quality approach exemplarily. To reach that objective together now and in the future: that's the challenge we've set ourselves.