We are winners of the FSC Italia Furniture Award 2020!

Date 3- December 2020
“We are not responsible only for what we do, but also for what we don’t do”.  Quote "Molière”
In order to protect and preserve our environment, we pay particular attention to CO2-neutral production when manufacturing our products - from the initial idea to the finished piece of furniture.
Several decades ago, the Winkler brothers were already keen to find solutions for the design of open spaces that were as useful as they were aesthetic. It should always be communicative. This was the one essential approach. Environmental friendliness was the other, at least as important. 

We are winners of the FSC Italia Furniture Award 2020!
Category: Street furniture

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Did you know that:
1) FSC® is a trademark for sustainable wood?
our company uses only FSC® 100% hardwood for all products in wood?
3) The "FSC®" organization is committed, among other things, to the preservation or enhancement of forests with a high conservation value?


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