It's Summertime!

Date 24- June 2021
“We are not responsible only for what we do, but also for what we don’t do”. Quote "Molière”

In order to protect and preserve our environment, we pay particular attention to CO2-neutral production when manufacturing our products - from the initial idea to the finished piece of furniture.'
Several decades ago, the Winkler brothers were already keen to find solutions for the design of open spaces that were as useful as they were aesthetic. It should always be communicative. This was the one essential approach. Environmental friendliness was the other, at least as important. 



nr 01: Customized solutions
           we support you in the realisation of your projects and give shape to your ideas.

nr 02: In connection with the environment
           “Build the best product, do the least harm to the environment, take social responsibility…” is our guiding principle

nr 03: Sustainibility
           is not a label but our attitude





PANORAMA - 360° perspective


Our lounger made of untreated, FSC 100% certified hardwood is now available in two versions: as a chaise longue with steep backrest and as a lounger for lying down.
Also available as fixed version, without spinning mechanism!










Our curved bench with indirect lighting is made of untreated FSC 100%  certified hardwood and 8mm steel sheet, hot dip galvanized and powder coated.
It can be extended with various extras according to customer requirements.










Modular design and the use of high-quality materials are the hallmarks of our seating islands and loungers. They offer a wide range of possible combinations and thus ensure a great variety of creativity and design.
FSC 100% certified hardwood!








TABLES + PICNIC - minimalist design


Of course, a picnic is also a must. In order to make it especially cosy, we have designed a range of high-quality products for you, which enable you to create attractive meeting places in the middle of everyday urban life.
Take a look!





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