Therapeutical gardens

Date 7- January 2020
Everyone wants to age healthy. One of the keys is to stay fit through physical activity such as going to the park to train your mind, but also your body and above all, to make contacts.

In addition to special seating furniture for seniors we have developed - in cooperation with architects and based on various studies - commonly called therapeutical growing tables. It's becoming increasingly necessary to offer people with disabilities, older people, children and people in rehabilitation the opportunity to carry out gardening therapy activities. Orthotherapy, as a field of ergotherapy, clearly helps here: the care of living organisms promotes sense of responsibility and social contact, stimulates motor activity, improves general well-being and reduces stress and anxiety
Our therapeutical growing tables offer light forms of activity that help seniors stay "in motion". In addition to the musculoskeletal system, motor skills and dexterity are strengthened and mental well-being is enhanced. We also want to give different generations, such as grandparents and their grandchildren, the opportunity to spend time together.


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Interview in the italian TV with the architektin and designer of our therapeutical growing tables, Monica Botta.