This is how to rest in Orange

Date 16- June 2020

Orange is a tranquil town in the French Provence. It is not far to Avignon. Neither to Marseille and to the sea. Only a good hour. One of the most famous French red wines, the "Câteauneuf du Pape", is grown near Orange. There is an amphitheater, even an opera house, a mighty triumphal arch, many nice houses and nearly 30.000 inhabitants.

They, in turn, not only love their little town, the good wine and the sea, but now also their "Centre Commercial Les Vignes à Orange", a modern shopping mall with a colourful mix of branches and recently a very special attraction. This is because a completely unusual seating island has been created there on an area of almost 140 square metres.
Generous bench elements with attached sunbeds, integrated water channels made of stainless steel tubs, a virtually grandiose evening and night lighting, sun sails and rosettes at the recesses for the trees. The substructure consists of hot dip galvanized and powder-coated steel tubes. The generous seating and resting elements are made of FSC® 100% certified solid wood.

Designed by the French architectural office CAHUTE Architectes, the generous seating element was manufactured in the South Tyrolean handicraft and family business "euroform w" in Campo Tures. For 50 years, planners and designers there have devoted themselves intensively to the subject of street furniture. The credo of the South Tyroleans: the design of public space needs space. And smart ideas. Both were impressively harmonized in the French Orange. The space was there. Now it is filled - without being overloaded.
Apparently, people in Orange can't get enough of so much cosiness. Because now probably two more elements for the seating island are to be added.


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