New custom-made seating island at Lake Constance

Date 25- August 2020
Originally, the municipality of Langenargen on Lake Constance had planned pure surface renewals on Arboner Platz due to outdated pavements in need of renovation.

In the course of this, the engineering office Daeges from Sigmarszell developed the design idea to give the very centrally located, small, but nevertheless highly frequented square at the harbour of Langenargen also an upgrading with regard to the quality of stay for tourists. The newly created seating island - manufactured by the company euroform K. Winkler GmbH from Campo Tures in South Tyrol and distributed by its partner Bernd Fischer GmbH und Co KG from Bad Rappenau - whose organically curved form fits into the surrounding paving of the square, consists of a steel construction with a wooden seat resting two-thirds on 9 prefabricated concrete elements. In the middle there is a small green island, which was planted with shrubs. The background of the division into concrete and steel was the preservation of the old, square-shaped plane tree. The circumferential seating area made of 100% FSC-certified hardwood, which widens out in the area of the existing tree, invites you to linger in a variety of combinations with regard to lines of sight and possible seating positions. Visitors to the square can enjoy the view directly on the waterfront or observe the events on the square in the shade of the existing tree.