Green oasis at Cottbus Central Station

Date 12- November 2020
Design of the forecourt of the DB Cottbus

Until recently, the traveller at Cottbus Central Station could only find a few benches to sit on. For hot days there were no shady places. In the course of new marketing concepts, the forecourt was also to become a meeting place for Cottbus residents and visitors.
The newly designed forecourt of the DB Cottbus was to fulfil various purposes for business travellers, one-time visitors and tourists as well as for commuters with less stress after work: arriving and orientating, getting a first impression of Cottbus, sorting and organising, bridging the waiting time until the next train, keeping an eye on the station and the time, soaking up the sun, taking a deep breath, making a phone call, staying a while, taking off for a short while before continuing on to the destination by bike, meeting, having a snack, taking in last impressions of Cottbus.

In order to achieve all these goals, we have, in cooperation with DB Cottbus, created some modular seating and resting elements. Now our Isola benches and Big Planters invite you to linger and relax.

Our collection BIG PLANTERS offers creative scope for many different combinations. The planters can be equipped with additional seats, arm- and backrests that can be individually adapted in size and shape. The Big Planters enable you to create cozy meeting spots and places of relaxationto to take a break from hectic everyday life. Fresh air stimulates the immune system positively and endorphins accelerate stress reduction. Sunlight aids in the production of vitamin D which boosts the happiness hormone serotonin to flood our brain and our mood rises! The colour green calms us down so that after a stay outdoors, we demonstrably have less stress hormones in the blood and the blood pressure is lowered.


© Photos DBSS Baumeister