“Build the best product, do the least harm to the environment, take social responsibility…”
We honor this philosophy of the Patagonia producer in our own way by:
•    preserving resources
•    saving energy
•    use of renewable energies
•    acting responsibly
•    finding global solutions
•    manufacturing durable products
•    guaranteeing high quality


Especially in recent years we have invested much effort to consolidate our goal and the philosophy that is behind our company management. We are happy and proud that we have succeeded. With combined efforts, euroform w has continued to take new steps towards the future.
Today the management of our company is founded on three main pillars:
•    environmental sustainability
•    social commitment
•    profitability


In the light of the changes taking place globally, it is impossible for enterprises to pursue profit alone. Our company has chosen an alternative economic model that rewards responsible behaviour and focuses on the pursuit of common good rather than reaching the highest profit. It is necessary for a growing number of companies to stop orienting their success on one single product. The world needs companies that are always attentive towards the protection of nature and humanity, entrepreneurs showing responsible behaviour towards employees, consumers, the public and our resources.

This is the only way to reconcile demographic growth on the one hand and our limited natural resources, i.e. the resources of our planet that cannot be increased, on the other. The economic model needs to be modified on a global level in order to ensure that future generations will be left with a well-protected environment worthy of being lived in. euroform w has been working in this direction for many decades, focusing on the future.