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Untreated wood
The slats can be supplied untreated, but it should be taken into account that untreated ash wood is not suitable for outdoor use. Exotic wood is more appropriate for this purpose. "eurofom w" uses only 100% FSC certified tropical wood. After a few months the greying process of the surface of untreated wood sets in. However, this is not a defect and does not affect the stability or quality of the urban furniture. The “grey layer” protects the wood from the elements and requires no further maintenance.
Please note also that untreated hardwood -in the initial phase - can be "washed out" by heavy rains . This could possibly lead to some slight discoloration on the ground underneath or on adjacent components.

Treated wood
Wooden slats can also be supplied surface-treated. Treatment is made with thin water-based glazes. The avoidance of ingredients such as heavy metals in glazes means that those varnishes are generally not as durable as before. Due to weather influence, mechanical stress but also vandalism, the "protective layer" degrades. To preserve the beauty and the experience of "outdoor furniture made by euroform w" it is recommended to renew the protective coating of a wooden surface after the first winter and then at least every two years to prevent weathering. For this purpose, the factory applied thin glaze must be cleaned and retreated with the appropriate varnish.
Colourless or light wood stains (containing very few pigments) are not suitable for outdoor use because the wooden parts weather very quickly. Due to all the reasons mentioned above we can give no guarantee for glazes and especially light or colourless wood stains.

Hot dip galvanizing
Hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with the UNI EN ISO1461 ensures optimum corrosion protection. The applied layer has a minimum thickness of 55 micron. The surface structure is not always smooth but often slightly wavy. This is a typical characteristic of the hot-dip galvanizing and does not constitute a defect. Hot dip galvanized surfaces become grey matt after a short time and remain so over time.

Powder coating
Hot dip galvanized metal parts can also be supplied additionally powder coated. The thickness of the powder layer is at least 80 microns. (500 hours salt spray test according to DIN 50021 or ISO 9227-SS UV - resistance of the powder according to Qualicoat warranty table). Metal parts can be delivered powder coated in almost all RAL colours (excepted luminous and pearl colours) and also in the special colour "Corten effect". If the coating is damaged immediate treatment with a suitable paint is recommended to prevent secondary damage.
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