Happy Easter

We’re wishing you and your family a Happy Easter! Celebrate Easter with a heart full of joy and peace! 
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"Places that provide a meeting point fill a neighbourhood with life. Creating these meeting places was important to us from the beginning in order to develop a lively neighbourhood. Anyone who is out and about here in the afternoon or at weekends can see that we have succeeded," says First Mayor Jürgen Odszuck.

CO2OL Tropical Mix

The CO2OL Tropical Mix project is an all-rounder, generating a variety of impactful benefits. The project location is a 13,242 ha area in Panama. CO2OL Tropical Mix has been one of the first in line to be successfully certified under the renowned Gold Standard for land use and forestry projects. 

Merry Christmas!

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a few days of peace with your loved ones, moments full of love and of course a happy, healthy and successful 2022. May your hearts be warmed by the sweet magic that Christmas always brings, and may all your dreams be fulfilled!

customized Germany

We accompany designers in every phase of their work, from the idea to the installation through the design and implementation by our advanced technologies and our longstanding experience. 


Since 1965 we try to do something nice every day!
Recently, we successfully audited the renewal of our 3 ISO certificates (ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO-45001), which are now valid for the next 3 years. These certificates are an official confirmation of our work in terms of quality, environmental management and occupational health and safety. We are proud of this, and we hope you are too!

Pocket Parks

In highly urbanized areas, particularly downtowns where land is very expensive, pocket parks are the only option for creating new public spaces and green oases without large-scale redevelopment. In inner-city areas, pocket parks are often part of urban regeneration plans and provide areas where wildlife such as birds can establish a foothold. By creating small parks with plants, flowers and trees, an additional temperature reduction is achieved. This in turn contributes to a pleasant urban climate.

We're on summer holidays!

Our company will be closed for holidays from Monday 9th of August to Friday 20th of August 2021! We will be back again on August 23th 2021! 
However we still try to process incoming emails and inquiries as soon as possible.
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URBAN JUNGLE feeling with our BiG PLANTERS!

Our modular  B I G  P L A N T E R S  offer creative scope for many different combinations. The planters can be equipped with additional seats, which can be individually adapted in size and shape. They can also be extended with arm- or backrests.

A nice stop at Berlin-Südkreuz station

In addition to the redesign of the station forecourt in Cottbus, the Berlin-Südkreuz station was also the scene of improvements in 2020. The aim was to create a pleasant place for travellers, as well as residents, to linger. "We succeeded in doing that," said a Deutsche Bahn management. "The travellers like to use the furniture."


But still looking for something special?
Take a look at our customized BIG PLANTERS!
They fit everywhere: city squares, parks, courtyards, hotel lobbies, residential areas, gardens, terraces, schoolyards, outdoor pools, shopping centres, etc.

It's Summertime!

In order to protect and preserve our environment, we pay particular attention to CO2-neutral production when manufacturing our products - from the initial idea to the finished piece of furniture. Several decades ago, the Winkler brothers were already keen to find solutions for the design of open spaces that were as useful as they were aesthetic. It should always be communicative. This was the one essential approach. Environmental friendliness was the other, at least as important.