Innovative, multi-functional Woodworking Station

Our new investment

Our new multi-functional Woodworking Machine is a complete Working Station with 5 functions: planing and milling machine, cutting to length and mortiser. For even more precise, faster and safer work.

Our philosophy

for a livable world

“Build the best product, do the least harm to the environment, take social responsibility…”



We have calculated the CO2 emissions of our company for the year 2019 and in return we supported the afforestation project in Panama.
We've been doing this since 2007 (on a voluntary basis) and we were able to reforest almost 34 ha of fallow land with 36.891 trees.

euroform w - Freiraumaustattung - modulare Sitzinsel - Liege - Sitzelement Holz

This is how to rest in Orange

A South Tyrolean seating island in a French shopping centre

made of Movingui solid wood untreated (FSC® 100% certified) with attached loungers, integrated water channels, cut-outs for lamps and awnings as well as indirect lighting!

Archiproducts and Archilovers

Sustainable products and amazing projects

We are now on Archiproducts and Archilovers! Here you will find all our products in the field of outdoor furniture and a variety of our projects. A look inside is worthwhile.

euroform w - Freiraummobiliar - Parkbank Holz - Rundbank - Hochbeet - Sitzinsel

Personalized urban furniture

Customized - We give shape to your ideas

We accompany designers in every phase of their work, from the idea to the installation through the design and implementation by our advanced technologies and our longstanding experience. The request of the planners are increasing and so individual solutions are increasingly in demand. The urban space craves unmistakable and, best of all, unique measures. The challenges are constantly increasing.

Happy Easter

Celebrate the Easter season with a heart full of joy and peace.

We wish you and your family a wonderful Easter.
Celebrate the Easter season with a heart full of joy and peace.


Fortunately now we are there for you again!

The present Covid Situatin in Italy has forced us to close down our company until the 27th of April. Fortunately now we are there for you again!

Therapeutical gardens

gardening therapy activities for all ages

Everyone wants to age healthy. One of the keys is to stay fit through physical activity such as going to the park to train your mind, but also your body and above all, to make contacts.

We're wishing you a wonderful Christmas

and a happy New Year!

We're wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!
May your heart be warmed by the sweet magic that Christmas always brings, and may all your dreams be fulfilled!

Our company in moving pictures

A short glimpse behind the facade

With the launch of the restyling of our new website we also want to present you the new image film of our company. A short glimpse behind the facade, between a breathtaking mountain scenery and our employees, whose trained eye and many years of experience make it possible, that something wonderful is created out of our quality-tested raw materials such as wood and steel.

Urban space in the city of the future

Interview with Bernhard Winkler

The world is changing rapidly and the economic and social aspects that we are experiencing and that will change in the coming years require further attention and sensitivity in order to make proper planning.